Established in 2006 with headquarter in Sharjah (UAE), Jabal Kilimanjaro Auto Electric Mechanic provides unique and professional solutions that exceed the client’s expectations. We offer services in vehicle inspection. We have wide knowledge of the vehicle inspection industry and our technology provides high quality and efficient service.



To be a company that is internationally known as a centre of excellence in quality customer service delivery.

We pride ourselves in our core values:

  • Professionalism; Our company shall hold the highest professional standards in service delivery to its customers by ensuring that services are delivered timely and at the right quality

  • Transparency; our employees shall exercise openness, impartiality, accurately and promptly share information with stakeholder

  • Accountability; the personal shall be responsible for the quality of the job and exercise due thoroughness to duty and efficient utilization of resources.



We care to serve you better.



Jabal Kilimanjaro was established on the 20th December 2006, and appointed on 14th May 2007 as an agent of the Tanzania Bureau of standards (TBS) in the UAE. It was charged with the duty of inspecting and certifying used motor vehicles intended for import into Tanzania. We use the TZ698:2003 Road vehicles code of practice for inspecting and testing used vehicles for road worthiness. This ensures that only roadworthy and legal vehicles enter the country hence reducing the case of the Great lakes region becoming a ground for used vehicles. From the start we have so far inspected and certified over 45,000 vehicles.

On 1st November 2009, Jabal Kilimanjaro started inspecting vehicles destined to Uganda acting as agents for Uganda National Bureau of Standards UNBS.



Quality and Safety inspection of used vehicles.



Rak National Bank of Ras al Khaimah.